Oct 2019 - May 2020
Before I even used Notepad++, I learned Python in this browser IDE. Both of the dates are guesses:
The start is based on when my Codecademy account was made.
The end is when the most recent update to a repl was.


July - Sep 2020
A lot of random toys to teach myself how to JavaScript.
I might've downloaded & tried Notepad++, but I continued doing stuff in browsers because this canvas was fun to learn and play with.

Notion Tables

Sep 2020
Notion, a note taking app, is very good at making complex databases that you can filter and sort through.
But I also like using simple tables in my notes, so I built a tool to automatically make compatible, paste-able math equation code that'll make simple tables.


Sep 2020
I'm not really sure what to do or what's worth putting on the Internet,
but I do have an account on this thing since I don't know a lot about hosting websites. You're even on one of the things I made with it!

AP Bio Flashcards

Sep 2020
Had to make flashcards for an assignment but didn't feel like making actual phsyical cards, so I had some fun with it.

Effective Raw Calculator

Oct 2020
Felt like finishing something within the month and am too lazy to go to a calculator and put in numbers myself.

Enigma Machine

Nov 2020
A friend said "Enigma machine time lets go" after discussing an assignment about text compression, and now this exists.
[Still incomplete. There's wheels and it might actually successfully encode and decode stuff (but don't trust me on that)
but you still can't rearrange the wheels and there's no plugboard.]


Nov 2020 - Dec 2020
FreeCodeCamp has some assignments where you make a project that can pass its testing suite, which is in CodePen.
It tells you how to add the testing stuff in something else, but I'm lazy so I just made a CodePen account for that stuff. Here it is!

Related Rates Project

Sep 2021
Quick thing I made in p5.js for school. It gets its own page because it also has to be presented.